General Information

What it is

The Bay Area Pinball Association is a group of people that meets weekly for competitive pinball and socializing. We're always looking for new members to come out and play. All skill levels, from novice to wizard, are welcome.

Complete league play rules are available here, but the general idea is to play league "seasons" for a number of weeks, with playoffs for prizes and trophies at the end of each season. Participants will be broken up into groups of three or four players each week, and each group will play four games, each one on a different machine. Points are then awarded based on standings within the group for each game, and accumulated over the season.

To see an example of a typical season, take a look at the standings.


The competition takes place every Thursday night at 8:00pm sharp. If you'd like to practice before the official league games, please arrive early to do so.


We currently alternate between several locations. However, the conditions of the machines at these locations vary wildly from almost playable to pathetic. If anybody knows of a location in the Bay Area with a good selection (at least ten, preferably more) of well-maintained pinball machines, please let us know.

How much

The league charges dues of $30 for each 15-week season.  This money goes toward trophies, drinks and some of the food at playoffs, and other expenses such as web hosting.  New members can play for free for the first week to see how they like it, and also for the remainder of a season if they join too late to be able to qualify for playoffs.

Sign up

If you're interested in joining the league, or just want to try it out one week to see what it's like, you can find more information on our Facebook group.  The Facebook group is the official channel for all league communication.  Please only join if you intend to participate in the league.